E.L. Farmer

Since 1910, E.L. Farmer has been dedicated to providing the very best transportation service in the oilfield industry. E.L. Farmer’s outstanding reputation and financial stability have established the company as one of the nation’s premier oilfield carriers.

The best of modern equipment, experienced personnel, strategically located terminals, and over fifty years of uninterrupted service have enabled us to provide our customers a dependable hauling service. Our future efforts will be devoted to fulfilling the ever-changing transportation needs of the oil industry.

J.C. Ferguson

The quote from Mr. Ferguson was used in a company brochure prepared to commemorate E.L. Farmer’s 50th anniversary, and I am pleased to say that E.L. Farmer has for the 50 years since the quote was published, continued to provide modern, well-maintained equipment operated by highly qualified drivers and equipment operators.

E.L. Farmer is continuously striving to provide safe, efficient and dependable services to its customers in order to assist those customers in meeting the ever-changing needs of the oil and gas industry.